Engineering Technician | 0-5. Years

Engineering Technician | 0-5. Years


Engineering Technician | 0-5. Years

Details of the offer

Requirements:Designs and builds prototypes of planned product or equipment.
- Assists in the construction of said products and equipment.
- Writes up reports of daily laboratory activity.
- Maintains records and files of all completed engineering work.
- Inspects product design for problems or errors.
- Runs tests on products and equipment to ensure they function properly.
- Analyzes system or product performance.
- Provides suggestions for ways to improve products and equipment.
- Writes computer programs and assists in software design.
- Assists in the presentation of completed products and projects at exhibitions or board meetings.
- Keeps apprised of the latest developments and innovations in the industry.Responsibilities:Create solutions to complex technical problems in a variety of industries.
Assist engineers and scientists as they create, modify, and test products and processes.
Perform extensive research and development during creation phase of product.
Inspect products and processes for flaws and identify areas of improvement.
Conduct tests and collect data.
Assist in product ensign, development, and production.
Build and set up equipment.
Prepare and conduct experiments.
Calculate or record results during experiments.
Create prototypes of equipment.
Utilize computer-aided design and drafting equipment during design phase

Salario: 80000.00 - 100000.00 NGN Monthly

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