Fax And Mail Backbone

Fax And Mail Backbone






Fax And Mail Backbone

Details of the offer

Technical requirements:
General knowledge of the IT workplace e.g., Windows 10, Office products, ITSM tools e.g., Remedy, ITIL, operating processes
Special knowledge for the fax software Digitronic and Cisco ESA Appliances. Good knowledge in the area of security for fax and mail.
Service contents:
The ICU division operates the office fax servers and the mailbackbone systems Cisco ESA appliances. Special knowledge of the fax software Digitronic is necessary to operate and administrate the fax servers (setting up or deleting new printers/mailboxes). Currently there are more than 2000 printers and about 1000 mailboxes installed.
In the mail backbone environment, mail certificates have to be issued and secure TLS connections with business partners have to be established. In addition, the administration of SMTP mail relays for hundreds of applications is also part of the tasks. Also the check and release of the mails moved to quarantine (because they are password protected or similar criteria).
Other tasks:
• Communication with customers (SMTP applications, certificates, TLS connections with business partners)
• Communication and organization of the secure TLS mail connection with business partners (currently about 800 connections).
• Close cooperation with the workplace - print (multifunction printer via which faxes are sent) and telephone banking.
• Support of projects in the area of mail and fax.
• Ticket and change processing
• Troubleshooting and error correction on the system. Requires good knowledge also in the operating system environment (here Windows 2012 R2 and CiscoASyncOS).
The function requires a deep understanding of fax and mail technologies and a basic understanding of operating processes. Otherwise a secure, friendly and customer-oriented appearance is important. For ICU fax and mail, a presence on site is mandatory;

German Language: At least B2

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  • IT - Information Technology / Programmer



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