General Manager | Over 10 Years Experience

General Manager | Over 10 Years Experience




General Manager | Over 10 Years Experience

Details of the offer

Requirements: JOB TITLE: GENERAL MANAGER Our client a RESIDENTIAL AND HOME OWNERS ESTATE is looking to employ a very experienced General Manager to carry out its operations.
- Oversee the activities of the firm, to ensure operational effectiveness and position the association to have competitive edge;
- Provides leadership and guidance towards devising and articulating operational goals/targets
- Develops and implements short, medium and long term operational strategies to achieve the vision and corporate aspirations of the association;
- Works with the Resident Association Executive Team and other advisors/partners on other developments activities in the Estate;
- Ensure that policies and procedures meet the needs of all key stakeholders
- Liaises with and supports the Executive Teams to ensure the effective management and adherence to the Estate governing rules and or bye-laws;
- Oversees the overall performance of the Association and ensures all operating functions/units perform at optimal levels;
- Formulates all budgets for income and expenditure including required strategic plan budgets, annual budgets, cash-flow forecasts, and agree these budgets with the appropriate personnel and the Executive Team;
- Creates an enabling environment that enhances employees productivity whilst maximising their potentials;
- Ensures integrity of accounting practices, financial records, risk management, technology practices etc;
- Communicates the visions and goals of the Association to internal and external stakeholders;
- Acts as the chief custodian to the Association?s corporate governance framework;
- Monitors current industry developments, competitors and competitors customers in line with the Association?s strategies;
- Acts as chief advisor and strategist providing needed support to the Executive Team
- Develop and implement short, medium and long-term operational plans and strategies to achieve the vision, aims and objectives of the Association
- Oversees, co-ordinates and ensure smooth day to day running of the operations and processes within the Association
- Ensures and maintains appropriate systems for measuring necessary aspects of operational management and development
- Manage the Association?s activities to ensure maximum profit which commensurate with the best interest of stakeholders, customers, employees and the public
- Communicate the visions and goals of the Association to all units Heads and other employees within the Association
- Ensure that policies and procedures meet the needs of all stakeholders
- Authorize payments within budgets
- Ensures that all policies, procedures and controls of the Company are implemented efficiently and in line with generally accepted practices
- Generate Business performance report against industry benchmarks
- Create an enabling environment that empowers unit heads to undertake fundamental rethinking and radical redesign of the business processes
- Build a corporate culture within the Association by sharing Associations vision with the staff
- Actively seek industry information on how to improve service offerings to all stakeholder
- Undertake supervisions and appraisals and support the professional development of line-managed staff
- Plan staff development within a regular review of organisational training needs in consultation with colleagues
- Develop and maintain contacts with appropriate individuals and organisations and disseminate information to colleagues
- Supervise the maintenance of accurate and up-to-date databases
- Ensure Associations programs are consistently presented in a strong and positive image amongst relevant stakeholders

Working knowledge, skills and competencies and attributes
- Facility management with emphasis on gated estates/communities
- Strategy development and implementation
- Change management (structural change and/or culture change)
- Proactive decision making
- Leadership & Relationship Management
- Extensive risk management skills
- Extensive experience and evidence of working effectively at a senior management level
- An understanding of the need for and value of diversity and equalities in both service delivery and employment
- Experience of personal leadership in addressing such issues

Qualifications and Experience
- Minimum of at least 10 years managerial experience in Facility/General management roles in a similar setting
- A good first degree
- A post graduate degree (e.G MBA) from a reputable university
- Remuneration very attractive.

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Salario: Negotiable

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