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Record Officer

Record Officer

Abnm Hr Staffing Limited


Record Officer


Details of the offer

Requirements:- Meticulous attention to detail. - Good written and oral communication skills.
- Analytical and problem solving skills.
- Strong negotiation skills.
- Familiarity with information systems and archives.
- A high level of confidence as you will need to talk with all members of a company ranging from entry level to executive.
- The capacity to get a clear overview of your companys activities.
- Outstanding organization skills.

- BSc or HND in either Administration, English, Law, Library & Information Studies, Archive & Museum Studies, History, Modern Languages or any other related field
- A minimum of 1-4years work experience in the area of expertise
- A postgraduate degree is an added advantage
Responsibilities:- Responsible for the creation & storage of a companys recorded information; you are also in charge of retrieving and disposing of this data. This information can come in a number of formats including photos, film, paper or digital.
- It is a crucial role in any company because without this data, the organization will be unable to function properly. Still interested in Records Officer job role Read on for detailed Records Officer job description.

Duties and Responsibilities
- Creating & maintaining company databases to ensure quick retrieval of information.
- Developing record distribution and storage policies.
- Auditing the information that is created and stored within the company.
- Analyzing your companys information needs and developing procedures to ensure these requirements are met.
- Referring to policy & legislative requirements in order to determine the length of time company records are kept.
- Potentially overseeing the transition from paper to electronic management systems.
- Providing the necessary support to ensure the accountability, transparency and regulatory requirements of the company are met.
- Work closely with all company staff to ensure the organizations existing information systems provides them with the data they need to perform their duties.

Salario: Negotiable