Telecom Engineer | Minimum Of 5 Years Experience

Telecom Engineer | Minimum Of 5 Years Experience

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Telecom Engineer | Minimum Of 5 Years Experience

Details of the offer

Requirements:Bachelor's degree in a recognized engineering program At least four years (typically) of acceptable work experience under the supervision of a Professional Engineer.
A minimum of three acceptable references.
Excellent mathematical and computer skills
The ability to manage projects, budgets and people
The ability to visualize complex processes
The ability to be very precise in work and calculations
Creativity and persistence in work activities
Excellent spoken and written communication skills.
Familiarity with the founding principles of the telecommunications design field.
Knowledge of the major software used to build and maintain telecommunications systems.
Knowledge of electronics, communication systems and mechanics.
Up-to-date knowledge of engineering methods, technology and industry trends.
An understanding of telecommunication rules and standards.
Design skills, and skill in interpreting drawings and designs.
Responsibilities:Know how to handle and support various telecommunication equipments.
Identify, evaluate & find solutions to different technical problems.
Visit and scrutinize sites frequently to check whether any repair is needed.
Work promptly in urgent situations and be prepared to handle any interruptions of service.
Give authorization to the equipment quality and give notice to the associated authorities if any alteration is required.Benefits:Allowances
Basic Salary

Salario: Negotiable

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