Zonal Sales Manager | Minimum Of 10 Years Experience

Zonal Sales Manager | Minimum Of 10 Years Experience

Olex Global Limited

Zonal Sales Manager | Minimum Of 10 Years Experience

Details of the offer

Requirements:Excellent communication and negotiation skills. Excellent interpersonal and relationship management skills.
Planning and organizational skills.
Regularly joined field working and generate or suggest new ideas in the team.
Always implement the strategy at ground level by motivating, instructing and rise morale for the company sales and for achievement so that the team can generate more result.
Excellent trainer with real and autenticated examples and should have good records.
Responsibilities:Strategize for the achievement of regional sales target through the zonal team by break down of annual targets to half yearly then quarterly and finally monthly.
Continuously monitoring the achievement of targets by keeping close check on monthly.
Target achievement by regional manager, area manger and their respective team.
Ensure satisfactory resolution of client queries and concerns in timely manner.
Communicate product schemes and offers to the regional managers and ensures their implementation.
Achieve inventory planning and control in such a manner that the stock are sufficient for immediate order fulfillment as well ensuring that the products dont exceed the expiry date or get technologically redundant or non competitive in the market.
Communicate proposed inventory level for approval.
Coordinates with marketing for the organization of seminars, meeting and conferences at zonal
level for building a prospective client database.
Interacts with large customers for the product feedback.
Enhance productivity.
Ensure successful launch of new product.
Programme implementation.
Coordination in effective communication with co workers.
Suggest for reduction in promotional activity expense.
Increasing morale in his team during meeting and in batch wise sessions and maintain discipline and decorum in the team.Benefits:Salary Structure
Medical Insurance

Salario: Negotiable

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